• Palette Kumoji Basement Parking

  • Ryubo Kumoji Parking

  • Ryubo, Matsuo Parking

  • Palette Parking (behind OTV)

  • Naha City Hall Parking (Only available for Weekdays after 6pm/ Sat./ Sun./ Holidays)

  • Okinawa Kenmin Hiroba Basement Parking

  • Onari Bridge Parking

We, Ryubo Department Store, provide special parking services at specific parkings depending on how much you purchase (amount you spent on shopping reciepts). “Special Parking Voucher” is issued on each floor. Special parking services are not provided at some stores, so feel free to ask shopclerks near you about the service.

Directions Map

  • 1-1-1, Kumoji, Naha City, Okinawa

  • Cars and motorcycles

Driving time from Naha Airport: 10-15 minutes

Special Car Parking and Bicycle Parking are available.

  • Yui Rail Website

Get off at Prefectural Office Station, One-minute walk (directly connected through the pathway)
Details about Monorail can be seen at “Yui Rail Website.”

  • Citybus

Palette kumoji Mae

◆For Miegusuku area 1、2、5、15、45
◆For Oroku area 9
◆For Bus terminal 12、14
◆For Aja area 11

Okigin Honten Mae, Ryugin Honten Mae

◆For Miegusuku area 1、2、5、15、45
◆For Oroku area 9
◆For Bus terminal 12、14

Prefectural Office north exit (Down)

◆For central/ northern part area 20、21、23、26、27、28、29、30、32、43、52、63、77、80、87、88、90、92、97、98、110、120
◆For Shintoshin/ Pipeline area 56、99
◆For Shintoshin area 4、10、200、235
◆For Shintoshin/ Shurijo 7
◆For Shuri area 25、33、46
◆For Aja New Port area (National Theatre) 101、334

Via Kumoji=For Route 58, Via Makishi=For Kokusaidori

Prefectural Office Station Kitaguchi (Up)

◆For Naha Bus terminal 20、21、23、27、28、29、30、43、52、56、63、77、80、88、90、92、97、98、110、125
◆For Naha Airport 25、26、99、120
◆For Tomigusuku area 33、46、56、98、101
◆For Akamine Station 87

Duty Free Information